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WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro 2.0.13 Free

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 WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro GPL free, an advanced plugin tailored specifically for WooCommerce users to effortlessly integrate and optimize their online store analytics. This powerful tool provides valuable insights and helps businesses make informed decisions for growth. With its seamless integration, users can conveniently track their sales, monitor customer behavior, and ultimately enhance their online store’s performance.

  • Provides basic site tracking and analytics, such as pageviews or customer sessions
  • Includes all of the great features the free version has, like Universal Analytics and enhanced eCommerce tracking, but with more advanced event tracking
  • Allows you exclude shop managers from tracking along with site admins
  • Track User IDs for more accurate user counts
  • Tracks basic eCommerce events like “add to cart” or “checkout started”
  • Adds advanced eCommerce event tracking, such as “coupon addition / removal” and “cart quantity changed”
  • Track manually added orders
  • Adds events for customer actions, such as sign in or out, or leaving a product review / comment
  • Adds order refund and cancellation tracking
  • Track customer email opens as events in the “Emails” category
  • Includes full support for Shopping Behavior and Checkout Behavior analysis reports
  • Adds checkout options to get deeper insights into checkout choices made by customers, such as selected payment method

Assuming there is a “WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro” or a similar extension, here are potential benefits you might expect:

  1. Enhanced E-commerce Tracking: Pro versions of Google Analytics plugins for WooCommerce may offer advanced e-commerce tracking features. This can include detailed insights into product performance, shopping behavior, and conversion data.
  2. Customization Options: Advanced plugins often provide more customization options for tracking specific events, goals, or user interactions on your WooCommerce site. This allows you to tailor the tracking to your business needs.
  3. Integrations with Other WooCommerce Features: Some Pro versions may integrate seamlessly with other WooCommerce extensions or features, providing a more holistic view of your online store’s performance.
  4. Real-time Reporting: Pro versions might offer real-time reporting capabilities, allowing you to monitor your store’s performance and customer behavior in near-real-time.
  5. Advanced Segmentation: The ability to create custom segments based on user behavior, demographics, or other factors can provide more granular insights into your audience and their interactions with your online store.
  6. Multi-channel Tracking: If your business operates on multiple channels (e.g., online store, mobile app, social media), a Pro version might offer more comprehensive tracking across these various channels.
  7. Technical Support and Updates: Purchasing a Pro version often comes with dedicated support and regular updates, ensuring that the plugin stays compatible with the latest versions of WooCommerce and Google Analytics.
  8. Conversion Attribution Models: Some advanced plugins may allow you to choose and customize attribution models, helping you understand better how different marketing channels contribute to conversions.

Remember, the specific features and benefits can vary depending on the plugin and its developer. Always check the documentation and features list for the particular extension you are interested in to understand how it aligns with your business requirements.

When choosing a specific plugin or extension for WooCommerce Google Analytics integration, it’s essential to consider additional features, support, and compatibility with your version of WooCommerce and Google Analytics. Always refer to the documentation provided by the plugin developer for detailed information on the features and functionalities offered.

= Version 2.0.13

  • Add admin notices to help merchants reverting to the cart or checkout shortcodes if the corresponding blocks are used instead

Note: If you are having trouble with WooCommerce Google-Analytics Pro Extensions free download, try to disable AdBlock for the site or try another Web Browser. Disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us.


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